Nine Fold Plan for the year.

I’ve been part of the Strategic Sorcery group started by Jason Miller for sometime now. Every New Year a rite is done to Hekate and Helios too aid us in our new year plans. I had written out my plans and to my shock mid ritual Hekate suggested I alter them.

So here Dear Readers is my Nine Fold Plan fro this year.

1 Get a job with this certain company I’ve been trying to get for years.
2 Pay off all debts
3 Join Nerd Fitness Yoga and establish a Yoga and fitness practice
4 Establish a meditation practice
5 Establish a spiritual / magical practice
6 Write and publish my comic and write a book
7 Learn to play a musical instrument
8 Complete Dedicants Program for ADF.
9 Start and maintain a Youtube Channel and a blog.

Numbers 4 and 5 are easy enough using the Strategic Sorcery material and the material ADF gives it’s members.

Nerd Fitness offers a small mini-yoga challenge so that helps with 3 and with 2 I’ve got my debts on an auto pay system so let’s see what happens folks. I hope to keep this blog going, to check off 9.

Have a good day folks.


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