A new (old) kind of pagan.


It seems devotion has become the new flavor in Paganism and a rapidly growing one at that, so much so that some feel threatened by this. Witness the actions of Gods and Radicals (the supposedly beautiful resistance) and their attempt the paint as many pagans as possible part of the New Right also called the Alt-Right click here for that article.

They of course attempt to call all who disagree with them racist, however only a small margin of the new right called the 1488ers, rhymes with haters, could truly be called such and most on the alt-right have little patience for them.

If you go to the article on G&R (the supposedly beautiful resistance)’s site you will see a rather interesting hodge podge of people and organizations listed a few are racist and others are people just wanting to make a positive difference in the world who’s only crime is not agreeing with the aims of the supposedly beautiful resistance.

The ultimate goal it seems was to slander Devotional and non-leftist branches of Paganism as being racist, yes that tired and overly used ad hominem. That word which can shut minds, lead to lost employment and even destroy friendships and families.

This horrid mess was followed up a horrid piece of work aimed at Asatru the one branch of our faith that was been historically a conservative stronghold. An a good many of the temples that have been built and are being built tend to belong to the Asatru making them a force to be reckoned with and their devotional style of Paganism is beginning to spread. No wonder the supposedly beautiful resistance wants to see them converted or gone.

On a personal note I was enraged over their attacks on Stephen McNallen a man who has done more for minorities then this so called beautiful resistance ever has or will do.

A Real Resistance

When one of your main targets is a religion that values war gods to say you are going to be meet with resistance once you attack them is an understatement. Galina Krasskova has been documenting the response some of the better ones are here and here.

Galina also did a good job pointing out that Communism and Socialism such as that championed by the supposedly beautiful resistance  is no friend of the pagan revival the responses and counter responses are still on going as of this writing.

You know who else get’s angry at being called a racist!?

In the game Fallout 4 there are cyborgs called synths one of the factions used them to infiltrate settlements all over the Commonwealth (where the game takes place) being paranoid the people often turn on one another accusing others of being a synth sometimes with lethal results.

When backlash happened all the supposedly beautiful resistance could do was make a long winded response that was about the same. “You know who get’s upset over being called a racist a racist!” could sum up his statements. All I can say is he has kicked a nest of Japanese hornets and now is worried about getting stung.

There is nothing beautiful or radical about spreading slander and falsehoods.

An as long as the leader of G&R and the rest of his foul ilk keep doing so, I feel that they will not only be opposed by the growing Pagan Right and Polytheist but these despicable actions will only serve to fuel the fires of a real spiritual revolution both in our forest of faiths and the wider world.

Crowley, elitism, habit and will.

In the absence of willpower the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless. -Aleister Crowley

Back in the late nineties and on even today we find many in the Pagan and Magic community that would have attitude of being better then the “Muggles” a form of Aquarian Age Open Elite as Donald Kraig’s Modern Magic would say. even when they cannot hold down a steady job for more then a couple of years it would seem, this attitude of elitism seems to, occasionally, go away with the ending of adolescence but not always.

While the attitude tends to be a major turn off for people both in and outside our little corner of the cultural landscape I have started to wonder if the idea of a Magical Elite might be of use as a goal or maybe standard to aspire towards. To wish to be something, or someone worthy of the title of elite.

This got me thinking of a few things. My meditation training as one of Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery Students, a book I’ve been reading on habits recommended over at Nerd Fitness and Aleister Crowley. Crowley who’s writings have become a foundation for the modern Neo-Pagan and wider Occult movement; whether or not most of the current membership wishes to admit it. Crowley preached one law and that was “Do what thou Wilt” which he always made cleared was suppose to mean any Willed action and not just whatever struck ones fancy.

For now I no longer have a copy of Liber ABA, his massive tome down by many as the Big Blue Brick: But in the book was a statement by The Great Beast comparing intelligence with the actions of primates. The dumber ones acting frantically jumping around, screaming and so forth. While the more intelligent moved with slow deliberate action, this was before going into the importance of meditation in the book or totally misremembering the book.

These leads us to my mentor Jason Miller and his constant emphasis on meditation. One of the benefits of meditation I’ve learned is suppose to be greater self control as we can better identify our habits and stop ourselves from just blindly following the programming we have accumulated from birth as a result of genetics, upbringing and what has happened to us over the course of our lives.

An as I have learned from reading The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business almost everything we do is from habits more often then not. In fact habits can become so powerful that even a man who was effectively lobotomized with no ability to form new memories was able to live a simi-normal life just going off of habits, even new ones, he had formed.

So via meditation and the methods of self control we can learn in occult groups we can maybe become what an ‘elite’ person should be. Every habit one we wish to have that is working in our favor, every action we take one that in one form or another was Willed. It would seem it is true what some of the Wicca 101 Authors of the nineties said ‘The Greatest magick is to change ourselves.’ (However I would count being able to change everything else a super close second).

If we can almost at will, with some effort, change and alter our habits and act according to Will we would become worthy of the title of Elite and everything that comes with it. Perhaps even being able to move beyond caring about being elite and whether or not only magickal people can be part of this Elite, but rather being happy and grateful for having what the thing that makes us worthy of it.

But what do you think Dear Readers? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Nine Fold Plan for the year.

I’ve been part of the Strategic Sorcery group started by Jason Miller for sometime now. Every New Year a rite is done to Hekate and Helios too aid us in our new year plans. I had written out my plans and to my shock mid ritual Hekate suggested I alter them.

So here Dear Readers is my Nine Fold Plan fro this year.

1 Get a job with this certain company I’ve been trying to get for years.
2 Pay off all debts
3 Join Nerd Fitness Yoga and establish a Yoga and fitness practice
4 Establish a meditation practice
5 Establish a spiritual / magical practice
6 Write and publish my comic and write a book
7 Learn to play a musical instrument
8 Complete Dedicants Program for ADF.
9 Start and maintain a Youtube Channel and a blog.

Numbers 4 and 5 are easy enough using the Strategic Sorcery material and the material ADF gives it’s members.

Nerd Fitness offers a small mini-yoga challenge so that helps with 3 and with 2 I’ve got my debts on an auto pay system so let’s see what happens folks. I hope to keep this blog going, to check off 9.

Have a good day folks.